Say what you want to say about it.

28 nov

Some people would say that I’m just being a giant and ridiculous drama queen. Other people would say that I’m only overreacting what I’m feeling and getting affected by the drama club’s soul.  Say what you want to say, ‘cause only I know what I had gotten through. Only I know what I felt that moment. Only I know what I’m living…

Everybody will (always) say that they know what you’re going through. They’ll always claim  they know how you feel. No, they don’t know.

It’s too complicated for me to explain. It’s too intense for me to “just forget”, (‘cause I’ve already tried, and I failed really bad!) And do you know which is the worst part? Many people wouldn’t understand, even if I tried to make them understand my reasons.

I felt in love. In such a strong, intense, overwhelming and devastating way that I’ve changed who I am (used to be) and the way I used to live my life, just in the will to live this love.

I still ask myself, (in a lot of moments) “Where did I went wrong? Where, in the middle of my way I have stumbled ?” ‘Cause you know… It didn’t went the way I really wished and imagined.

I prefer to imagine that this just isn’t the end yet.  Do you know that one part in the movie when every little thing goes wrong and then in a magic and beautiful way everything turns out right and the two characters can stay together? I like to think I’m living this part of my movie… Yeap! I’m still hopeful. What I felt with that hug you gave me was breathtaking, and now I really know what love really means. What I (we?) feel is too intense for me (us?) to leave dying in the shade, isn’t it?

I really like to believe in that, you know… I just don’t know why, but I still wait… I will be waiting for my love story to end just the way I expected… For the time I’m suppose to. For the time I’m able to.


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